Hospital stay 

This morning I could go back to sleep, I had this horrible excruciating pain in my lower abdomen, which spread to my back. After many attempts to walk it off it progressively got worse. It made my body clammy, sweat and pale. I felt nausea and dizzy. I screamed in pain and cried like a big baby. Normally I don’t call my husband from work unless I feel like I’m dying, but I made this a exception. While he was on his way home my fathers in home nurse came to take care of my son and I, which she didn’t like the state of pain I was in so se called the ambulance. So now I’m sitting here in a hospital room, that has over 400 doctors and nurses, it’s been over two hours and I’m still in pain. I wonder if I carried a million dollar check on my forehead if I would be out of here already? 


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