My first blog. 

This is actually my first article, I’m a little nervous and not sure if anyone will even read it. But it is a hobby that I would like to become more involved with. So here goes. When the thought of writing different articles for the public came across my mind, it seemed easy. I didn’t realize I had to take to pick topics, have great grammar or pronunciation. After a few days of thinking about it I decided to do research and found a few sites that accepted freelancer bloggers. Once I signed up the companies would give me my assignments, then my mind would freeze up! I have/had the worst trouble unleashing my inner writer. I worried if they would like it, or if I was writing it to their standards, I even wondered If I was waisting my time. But I decided what’s the worst that could happen? Rejection? Well of course, a lot of companies are very picky. So, here I am… writing my first post, still nervous and unsure. 


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