Eleven Ways to Improve Fuel for your car

The benefits of maintaining your car most frequently speak for themselves, but there can be times when it’s hard to tell exactly when to do it. Take a look at the eleven techniques we have outlined below for you and see if that doesn’t give you a creative style.

  • First thing: Loose weight in your car

Having the unnecessary added weight in your car can cause your vehicle to waste fuel,, loosing some pounds can make your car lighter.

Second thing: Maintain your motor and other parts under the hood.

Keep a good monitor on your emissions control systems, evaporative emissions control systems,  that is a good indicator that there could be a problem with one of these parts. Also be sure to monitor your check engine light, if this comes on that is a good indicator that there could be a problem with one of these parts.

  • Third thing: Avoid Traffic

Plan ahead by checking with your radio station for traffic. Avoiding traffic can also reduce the amount of gas you use.

  • Fourth thing: Work with Gravity

Go slower up the hill, and coast back down slowly while in gear. Doing so will help maximize your fuel economy by trading some kinectic energy. Be sure to only do this when it is safe.

  • Fifth thing: Have proper inflation in your tires

By having properly inflated tires, you can reduce fuel consumption for your car by 3%. Tires loose 1 PSI per month. It is highly recommended to regularly check your tires monthly, preferably weekly.

  • Sixth thing: Perform regular tune ups

Performing regular tune ups can maximize your power and greatly improve your fuel efficiency.

  • Seventh thing: Check your engine air filter

Having a dirty air filter can cause your car to shut off when idling. Doing so can also reduce the fuel economy.

  • Eighth thing: Have the narrowest tires approved by your manufacturer

By having narrow tires on your car, it provides less aerodynamic drag, meaning it has less traction.

  • Ninth thing: Use synthetic oil

Using a synthetic oil can increase you gas mileage by 5% to 15%. Synthetic oil would cause your car to do less work.

  • Tenth thing: Use quality fuel

While using discounted fuel may save you a few extra dollars, it can also contain ethanol. Ethanol can burn at a faster rate. So compare the mileage between your fuel companies.

  • Eleventh thing: Monitor how hard your engine is working

Monitor the RPM’s (revolution per minute) your engine is running at by finding you comfort zone which is between 2,000 and 3,000, but try to stay below it. Another method is to monitor your tachometer. The tachometer measures your RPM’s at 1,000.

By making sure your car is properly cared for, your car will run smoothly and save you money!



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